Our Philosophy

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. Our corporate philosophy is simplified in one phrase, “Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity” (Prov. 21:5). This slogan describes in straightforward terms the calibre of company we are and aspire to be.

Below are the fundamentals of our philosophy:

Customers: We believe in developing a loyal relationship with our customers by providing the best quality products and services. We have made a commitment to quality and honesty and we have made competency our best competitive advantage.

Customer Relationships: In order to build and maintain successful relationships with our customers, we try to know our customers and remain in contact with them; we listen to them and share their concerns. We are striving to develop products and services that meet their expectations and responding to their request for services in a timely and reasonable manner.

SKL Computers are a learning organization: Teamwork is the corner stone of the company, at SKL Computers each team member is a component of a smart system; we learn, develop, grow and stay together.

Citizenship: SKL Computers is involved in community upliftment projects and programs that focuses on empowerment and development. We are striving to intervene dutifully in the universal effort to combat poverty. We are committed to contributing positively in every community where we are conducting business.

We have a passion for dominating the computing market and we want to win in every aspect of this industry. We are committed to quality and to providing the best customer service imaginable. We are striving to be known as a great and respected company and we want our customers and employees to be proud of their association with SKL Computer.

‚ÄčOur Mission Statement:

Our mission is to be the most successful I.T. Service Provider in our region in delivering world-class products and services to you our clientele. In doing so we will meet the customer expectations of:

Highest Quality, Leading Technology, Competitive Pricing

Flexible Customised Solutions, Individual World-class Service, Widest Range of Products